Experience Southern Alberta

Be sure to pick up a copy of our new publication, Experience Southern Alberta, this summer.

Our goal is to entice people to experience the unique landscapes fournd in southern Alberta, from prairies to peaks.

A similar travel magazine as previously published by Chinook Country Tourism Association. The ONLY travel guide geared to serve travellers within southern Alberta.

Our primary demographic is young families and seniors. The layout is clean and easy to follow. Our stories offer safe and fun activities that often contain educational components. It features legible user friendly maps reviewed. And readers like our coverage of all the gateway communities and highway corridors within Southern Alberta.

Front-line staff at Info Centres use our magazines as they counsel travellers. Readers refer to it regularly and share it with family and friends. Read by an estimated 150,000 travellers. Many more download our mobile versions. Visit issuu.com/experiencetravelguides to view our family of travel guides.

Many advertising opportunities are available visit cmipublishing.ca/advertise.

“I received a copy of same as I subscribe to the Globe and Mail. I have lived and worked in Alberta most of my life and worked for Canadian Pacific Hotels and Resorts and then Fairmont Hotels and Resorts all over Alberta including the Parks and have never seen such a fantastic magazine, book. visitor information, AMA or anything like this and will be reading and using same for many years to come. We have some friends who are avid wilderness hikers and they are intrigued by same as well. We have some relatives coming from Switzerland this June and are flying into Vancouver and driving to Calgary via a Camper Van and I was hoping that you can advise me where I can obtain a couple of extra copies of same even if there is a cost associated for same.”

Bill Wakefield

“Thank you so much. It is a great magazine. The tourists love it ! None are wasted and if any are left on the Coach we reuse for the next . Thanks again.”

Ione Olesen, Program CoordinatorTIME OUT FOR TOURING INC., Destination Management

“The Mountain Parks guide is so informative, and people are always passing through here asking for information on Jasper & area that your guide covers perfectly.”

Michelle Spruce Grove Chamber of Commerce

“The Village of Wabamun thanks you for the copies of Experience the Mountain Parks – the Guide is very popular and we appreciate having copies for our information centre.”

Mary Thomas, Economic Development OfficerVillage of Wabamun

“WOW! This year’s edition of Experience the Mountain Parks is just great. It’s my bet that those who haven’t before experienced the mountain parks will not only want to read this from cover to cover but also keep it to show friends at home. Nice job.”

Chris Morrison

“Experience the Mountain Parks looks absolutely fabulous, especially the Waterton section!! We just got a copy today. What a huge project for you and your staff – you should all be very proud!!”


“We are finding the Experience the Mountain Parks to be a valuable tool and aid when assisting our guests and also when promoting and educating our guests about all that our mountain parks have to offer.”

Jason Jessett, ConciergeHyatt Regency Calgary

“Your ‘Experience the Mountain Parks’ Guides are fantastic!! Over the past couple of years, they have become one our favourite guides for promoting the Rockies to visitors. Thank you so much.”

VIC TeamLloydminster, Saskatchewan

“We get a lot of travellers in the summer looking for information on the parks, and the absolute favourite brochure that I give out is “Experience the Mountain Parks”!! …Many, many people have told me how they love having something they can look at to plan their trip as they drive”

Visitor Centre VisitorVillage of McBride

“I picked up a copy of Experience The Cowboy Trail somewhere along the route. I have travelled it many, many times and is my favourite area of Alberta. I keep the guide in our truck for reference.”


“We have just a few magazines left but people have been loving them. We have had some of our ad offers brought in by new customers.”

JamieChewsy Pets

“Staff in the information centres lean heavily on Experience Mountain Parks, and why not? It is the ONLY travel guide that still covers all 7 of the Mountain National Parks.”

Tourism Radium Hot SpringsRadium, BC

“Staff does not always ask customers how they located our restaurant, therefore, specific numbers are not available. However, the Experience magazines on display here go faster than any other publication and we are confident that our ad draws people to us.”

Chuckwagon CaféTurner Valley

“We received 28 bookings that mentioned that they saw the feature in Experience the Cowboy Trail magazine”

Springhill RVCochrane, Alberta

Hello Ian,
 Not sure of quantity required nor what was ordered last year. Basically CMI published brochures and maps were popular last year. Either go with what was ordered last year or 400 copies of each. Thanks for your quick reply, looking forward to meeting you in May.

Terri Western RV Leduc

We get a lot of visitors traveling through to Banff and we find your publication to be quite useful for them.

Heather BlackVisitor Services Representative, Sicamous and District Chamber of Commerce

“We would like to get approximately 100 of your FREE “Experience The Mountain Parks Visitor’s Guide to Western Canada” brochures as our guests have really enjoyed these brochures in the past. Please let me know if that is possible.”

Sherry CrandellDavid Thompson Resort

“I am currently using 2010/2011 Experience the Mountain Parks Guide. As I live in New Zealand would it be possible to have the latest copy mailed to me.”

RichardNew Zealand

“Hi, I have seen your “experience mountain parks” brochure (visitor’s guide to western canada), this is an amazing tool for my trip to Alberta this summer, is it possible to have a copy via mail instead of searching for an issue when arriving in Alberta? I would pay transport fee of course if need be (I’m from Quebec).”


“We are having a such a busy summer in our centre. Our main building itself is having over a thousand visitors every day. And as you might know already, Experience the Mountain Parks is the most popular brochure to visitors of all time. We have just used the last box of two of your magazines. Please send us more Experience the Mountain Parks and Experience the Cowboy Trail when you have a chance. They both go really fast.”

Traveling CounselorsTravel Alberta Canmore Visitor Information Centre

“I work for the Dutch RV travel specialist Travelhome . We are owned by the Dutch AAA. During the informationdays we organise from August to March we hand out the ‘Experience the Mountain Parks’guide to our travellers. We do this to promote Western Canada as as an RV destination.”

Simone van VeldhovenTravelhome

“That is fine whenever it is ready. I just had a visitor come in looking for it they used it last year and wanted a 2016 one. We did receive the Jasper maps thank you so much for those.”

Sherry, Visitor Services ManagerTourism Prince George

“I’m in the process of preparing a visit to Canada this year. In 2009, when I visited as well, I found the “Experience the Mountain Parks” guide a more than valuable resource. I saw the online version, but is it also possible to get a physical copy via postal mail? Of course I would gladly pay for that!”

Michel B.Hoorn, The Netherlands

“At Delta Visitor centre we found “Experience The Mountain Parks” very popular among our visitors. We don’t have any copy left. Will you be able to send us some copies? Thank you.”

IvyVolunteer at Delta Visitor Centre

“Members and customers like the guides, they are very useful.”

Ian KleinAlberta Motor Association

“I got an old copy of your Experience The Mountain Parks from a friend. Is it possible to mail me the latest copy of this guide to prepare the campertrip of our life in may/june 2014? Thank you in advance!”

Frans & Willy DijkmanThe Netherlands

“We were wondering if you would be willing to send us approximately 600 of your 2012 Experience the Mountain Parks Guides. These guides are fantastic!! Over the past couple of years, they have become one our favourite guides for promoting the Rockies to visitors!”

VIC TeamLloydminster

“Well done to you and all the team, you are doing a great thing. I actually love all these little local guides you can find in Canada everywhere and they are really useful.

This summer was my second time in Canada, but the first time I wasn’t driving around that much like this summer. I got to experience the real western hospitality (although I think is not western, it’s a Canadian thing and in particular an Alberta thing), camp in the parks, horseback ride for miles, go to a local rodeo and make new friends.

If you think they could be useful for you, I can send you some pictures of my experience there, in particular with Anchor D Ranch and of the trails we did, and maybe a little wording.

Even if words and pictures are never enough since you have to experience yourself, if the first time in Canada made me want to be back one day, this trip made me want to be back on a regular base. I felt HOME and welcomed everywhere I went and not only when I was visiting old friends.”

Chiara CMuscat, Oman

“Could you please forward a copy of your latest “COWBOY TRAIL”. Have just perused a friends 2015/16 edition and loved it…thanks for your efforts…have a fantastic day…”

Peter G.Collingwood, Ontario

“I picked up a copy of Experience The Cowboy Trail somewhere along the route. I have travelled it many, many times and is my favourite area of Alberta. I keep the guide in our truck for reference. I enjoy the western way of life and our vacations are all based on that whether it is mountain camping with our horses, visiting the historic sites, hiking the trails, rodeos, gymkhanas, C&W music concerts, poetry gatherings and everything western we do it. Your magazine is a perfect guide as there is no cell/internet where we go a lot of times. I don’t even have internet on my phone…it’s a phone.”


“I’ve been out of the country the last while and returned home to find my 2 copies of your magazine in the mail. Just wanted to compliment you on a very impressive publication and thank you for the space you provided to the Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association.”

Bj SmithAlberta Cowboy Poetry Association

“I would love to get a few more copies of the magazine as we can certainly put them in our store here at the ranch. I also wanted to comment that the new edition is much nicer than last year. It has a way nicer look, feel of the pages and I like that it isn’t map after map- much nicer lay out!”

Ginny DonahueSierra West Cabins & Ranch Vacations, Lundbreck, AB

“What a great publication! I haven’t had a chance to read it cover-to-cover yet, but I certainly will. I especially appreciate the fact that the “Cowboy Trail” comes before “Kananaskis Country” this year.”

Sylvia, Economic Development OfficeMayerthorpe, Alberta

“Thank you as well, for my first year here at the Longview Hotel and your help in the advertising.
We had 637 travellers through both the cafe and the saloon that said they had seen our advertising
in your magazine.

We only had the one paid advertisement. We did have a blurb in a local magazine but our travellers consisted of several European tourists that have read your Experience the Kananaskis Magazine.

I stopped keeping track in mid-September and still received results from the ad in late September.
Muchly appreciated and look forward to doing business with you next spring.”

Heather Case, General ManagerTwin Cities Hotel, Longview, Alberta

“I was excited to see a publication about my beloved park. I am in the park daily to walk my dog, cycle and/or hike. The things I most like about the magazine are the maps and the history.” 4 Stars.

Gail Chapman

“We hand-picked living close to Fish Creek because of the trail system and easy access to the area. It is truly one of the most beautiful natural areas to enjoy in the Calgary Greenway system. When I picked up your guide I hoped to learn more about Fish Creek and what the area has to offer in terms of recreation use by learning more about the trail system. I liked ‘A Walk Through History’ and ‘Friends of Fish Creek’ articles the best.” Very informative. 4 Stars.

Elizabeth Berg

“We use Fish Creek 3-4 times/week. We run, cycle and cross-country ski in the park and are volunteers at the garden at the Ranche and at events at the Education Centre. When we picked up your magazine, we hoped for news and information about the parks and you really delivered.” 5 Stars.

Mary White

“We’ve just recently started using Fish Creek. We take walks, swim and have family get togethers (typically bbq). It is so beautiful and very relaxing! We hoped your guide would help us better experience the parks and you delivered” 5 Stars.

Deborah Poitras

“Thank you for stopping by with the new magazines. Distribution is going great. We are very proud to be able to offer our members and guests the information your magazines provide.”

StacieCardel Place

“I notice the new Experience Fish Creek magazine is out. Would you able to send me a PDF of the magazine and I will post it on our website and distribute through social media networks?”

ChrisFriends of Fish Creek

“Just wondering if you still have the Experience Jasper 2018 Visitor Map? This is really popular map for Jasper. If you still have stocks can we have 500 copies?”

CoNNie LazaroConcorde Airport Services