Roger Brooks recently wrote:

Do you even need a printed guide? YES. But visitors don’t need a visitor’s guide that just has lists of restaurants, hotels, activities and other general things to do. They can get all of that easily via TripAdvisor, Yelp and local websites. What they want is an Activities Guide.

These days, consumers are looking for things to do, not just places to go. They want experiences rather than landmarks. Part of the reason for changing to an “Activities Guide” is because people respond better to the title. It tells them the guide is focused on things to do, which is primarily what they are looking for. The name tells a potential visitor that this guide is going to answer their question, “What can I DO there?”

– By Roger Brooks

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We whole-heartedly agree! We thought the same thing when, in 2013 we launched Experience the Cowboy Trail, as an annual visitor guide. We based the design of this magazine on the template we created in 2005 for Experience the Mountain Parks.

This summer, we announced the spring 2017 launch of Experience the Dinosaur Trails. This will be CMI Publishing’s 4th magazine. The other is Experience Calgary’s Parks ‘n’ Paths. To learn more about our experiential travel guides, and two map projects, check out Keep up the great work, Roger Brooks – Tourism Expert, Author, Speaker (CSP), CEO.