CMI Publishing is a division of Complete Marketing Inc. Based in Calgary, Alberta, we serve the local as well as the international travellers who come to experience the history, culture, landscapes and nature that are unique to Alberta & British Columbia.

Our core values are honesty, integrity and accountability. The founder of CMI Publishing is Bob Harris. Bob and his team treat everyone with these three values in mind. Our relationships with our readers, advertisers, contributors, and sponsors are our central focus.

Our maps, magazines, mobile versions of those publications, and web sites are all designed to enrich the visitors’ experience within the region. We strive to create user-friendly travelling companions that promote good stewardship of the lands, culture and heritage in western Canada.

From humble beginnings in the home of our founders, CMI Publishing is on the grow. Today we have offices in South Calgary and representatives in St. Albert, Jasper, Drumheller, Lethbridge, Turner Valley, Priddis, Kelowna BC, Brighton ON, and Rochester Hills MI. To learn more about our team, go here.

Launched in the spring of 2006, as a spin-off from the Parks Canada Mountain GuideExperience the Mountain Parks was the first of our “Experience Travel Guides.” It was conceived as a lure piece with compelling images and engaging stories to entice families to come to the mountain parks. The logical navigation and clean design really appeals to our primary demographic, women aged 25 – 55. This audience represents the group who makes an estimated 80% of all household vacation plans. Boomers are our secondary demographic, and they love our educational stories, maps and the slightly larger font size used in all of our publications.  The result of this is that our guides also serve as a travelling companion, an orientation piece, They are really valued by our readers and as such, enjoy a high “pass-along” rate to friends and family. To view a current or archived edition of any of our Experience Travel Guides, go here.

Since 2006, we have contracted our services to Alberta Parks to assist them in the production of Explore Kananaskis Country and the Ghost Area, Explore Alberta Parks and numerous provincial park maps. For publishing assistance with the production of your tourism products, contact us.

In 2009, we obtained the rights to produce the very popular Jasper Map. This annual fold-out map of the Jasper town site and Jasper National Park had been published annually by the Jasper Booster (a local newspaper) for almost 20 years. Part of the reason for its popularity is the unique use of thumbnail images to help international travellers identify the “must sees” of Jasper.

In December of 2012, we entered into a publishing agreement with the Cowboy Trail Tourism Association, in which we took over the production of their visitor guide. To view the current or an archived edition of Experience the Cowboy Trailsgo here.

2013 marked the launch of our Calgary parks magazine. Originally titled Experience Fish Creek Provincial Park, our expanded coverage within this local guide has resulted in an evolution of the title to Experience Calgary & Kananaskis.

In the spring of 2015, we partnered once again with Alberta Parks to publish 4 new Official Summer Kananaskis Country Trail Maps.  These maps were so well received that in the autumn of 2015 we produced 4 new Official Winter Kananaskis Country Trail Maps. We then combined these 8 maps into one mobile-friendly booklet and update these maps every six months. To view all 8 maps, check out the second shelf in our Mobile Library. Simply go here.

In 2016, we were given permission to reprint the 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coal Mine Tour Map that was originally published in 1998. Demand for this unique map was so strong in 2016 that we reprinted it again in 2017 under the title Experience Our Coal History. We intend to reprint it again in 2019 or in 2020.

2017 also witnessed the launch of our fourth Experience Travel Guide!  Titled Experience the Dinosaur Trails, and built on the same template as our other three magazines, “Dino” allows us to expand our coverage across eastern and northern Alberta, and beyond.

New for 2019…

We’re delighted to have been chosen by the Waterton Chamber of Commerce to publish their annual Waterton Lakes National Park Activity Guide!  For a sneak peek, check out the 2018 edition of this magazine – we’ve uploaded it into our Mobile Library, too.

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